Alexandra Justyna is surprised that she is now sharing her own past struggles, which have enabled her to help others overcome theirs. As a survivor of abuse and trauma, she gets to share her testimony to give others hope. In addition, as a leader of a makeup counter, she has the privilege of meeting people, praying with them and helping them feel and look beautiful.

She grew up in Poland and came to the US at 12 years old. Already full of insecurities and trauma due to physical, sexual and mental abuse, she was lost, depressed, and wanted to alleviate the chaos in her head, turning to drugs and alcohol. None of it worked, she was suicidal and negative consequences based on a reckless lifestyle followed. 

Thankfully, God had a different plan for her life. Since she was desperately seeking peace and love, she decided to follow God’s still, small voice and focus on recovery through 12-step programs. Healing began as she was able to work through her trauma, forgive, and face life with God one day at a time.

Alexandra has a Bachelor’s degree in business management and is pursuing serving as a drug and alcohol counselor. 

She is so thankful to God for her sobriety from drugs and alcohol and healing from trauma and eating disorders. She has a beautiful life today with a wonderful husband of 5 years and a 4 year old son. She is blessed beyond measure for this gift of life. 

About 13 years ago as a coping mechanism while going through her recovery, she started journaling, eventually turning her entries into a book. Though painful to revisit her past, she was able to capture experiences with God’s help to give people hope. The book is meant to be a resource to let people know there is always hope with God! 

Unshackled by the Truth: My Story of Freedom from Physical and Mental Captivity

Alexandra’s full time job is fulfilling as it allows her to interact with people. She manages a small makeup counter and loves to be peoples’ positive energizer bunny. She also shares her story at recovery centers.

“It is very fulfilling to see glimpses of hope in individual’s eyes that are going through withdrawals and share what God did for me, because it is available to everyone.”

If she is not working, doing homework or speaking at a recovery center, you can find Alexandra being active with her 4 year old. She also loves listening to sermons and spending time with God. And at times when everyone is asleep at night, you might find her chilling with Netflix.

Alexandra can be reached at


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