Taking Back the Night


Jenni Ramsey shares her heartfelt and transformative journey from a privileged but spiritually empty childhood to finding hope, healing, and purpose through her faith in Christ. Jenni recounts the trauma of being kidnapped at the age of eight and how the fear and absence of spiritual guidance shaped her early years. It wasn’t until a friend invited her to a youth group that she found the safety and sense of belonging she had been searching for. Her commitment to Christ at a Petra concert became the most pivotal moment in her life, leading her to a fulfilling path in missions. Jenni’s story encapsulates the power of faith in overcoming trauma and her dedication to serving others who have faced similar pain, ultimately bringing hope and redemption through her work in El Salvador. Today’s Sendoff features a cover of a Petra song, “More Power to You,” by fabled Christian heavy metal artists Rex Carroll of White Cross and Dave Miller of F.O.G.

“The New Guy” Made New in Christ


Thrust into adulthood as he moved across town to a new school, Micah Syswerda became the new guy. He felt pressure to reinvent himself and was also totally unprepared for the onslaught of temptation that would come his way through social media. Before long, Micah found himself being drawn into same sex attraction. But these feelings only caused confusion and even more isolation, until Micah planned on taking his life. The Holy Spirit prompted a friend to intervene and help him see his true identity in Christ. Truly renewed in Christ, Micah now leads the blog, The Path Toward Holiness, which gives Christians the tools to have tough and important conversations.

“Amount to Nothing” to Harvard Business School

MAY 28

John Boyle was raised in idyllic West Virginia, Appalachian country. But the life he lived at home filled with abuse caused more scars than he could bear. He was even told he would amount to nothing by teachers. John turned to alcohol to cope with the trauma, which only made matters worse, until the doctor told him he was dying from the inside. John needed help that he could not muster from his own strength and found Jesus amid his weakness. Not only was he able to overcome alcoholism, but now had a loving guide through PTSD. And an amazing Harvard Business School education to boot. Be encouraged by John’s One80 and moved by the Sendoff, “I Met the Master,” read by Mo Thompson.

Navy SEAL to God’s Warrior

MAY 14

There’s Christian light. And there’s Jason Perry. The former Navy SEAL, former SWAT Team member, and current pastor is not only Chrisyian heavy, but wants us to see Jesus as a meek warrior too. That’s the savior he found, after growing up an atheist, attempting to fill an abandonment hole with patriotism and coming to the end of himself, right into the arms of Jesus. Today’s Sendoff features Prayercast. Join us as we pray for veterans and active duty personnel.



Chaim Bentorah is so much more than a bus driver for Jesus. But in his day job, he serves the least of these through driving a disability bus. Learn how after struggles from Aspberger’s Syndrome, Chaim had a unique encounter with the Lord that encouraged him to see God in a new way. He leads others into the heart of God with his other job, as an author and teacher of Hebrew and Aramaic. Today’s Sendoff features Blind Tony in a street music performance of “Give Thanks.”



Pro-wrestler Gareth is a pastor who holds “wreslting church” in Bradford, England. In his powerful testimony, hear how as a child he was mistreated and left for homeless until Christians came to his aid and how he now disciples wrestlers and evangelizes England with a unique message of hope. Hear the dramatic wrestling match with the enemy in the fight for Gareth’s very soul. Jacob York announces the smackdown of smackdowns.


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