Chaim Bentorah has a B.A. in Jewish Studies from the Moody Bible Institute, an M.A. in Old Testament and Hebrew from the Denver Seminary and a PhD in Biblical Archaeology.

He taught Classical Hebrew and Old Testament for thirteen years at World Harvest Bible College and Modern Hebrew at the Christian Center High School.

Chaim Bentorah is presently teaching Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek to lay Christian leaders and pastors in the Metro Chicago area as well as holding Saturday meetups at a local cafe in Oak Park, Illinois.

He writes daily word studies on his blog at He speaks to church and para church groups about the nature and means of studying the Old Testament in the Original Hebrew.

He is convinced that any Christian no matter their age, educational background or abilities can study the Word of God in the original languages using the resources that are available today online and through electronic media. He conducts classes in how to use these resources to their full advantage.

Chaim has also authored 25 books on the study of Hebrew and Aramaic. 


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