One80 Podcast Episode 57, Encore

Revival Breaks out at Asbury

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Today is an Encore of season two’s top One80 Revival Breaks out at Asbury. Please enjoy.

Margaret Ereneta: We usually bring you a story of someone’s coming to Jesus transformation at One80. Today’s show is a little different. We went to Asbury University to see multiple 180 s happening at once all over campus in epic proportions. In a revival. We couldn’t help but see it for ourselves and get the story to you.

Today you’ll hear from students on what started at Asbury and is exploding. Welcome to Asbury’s One80. This is Margaret Anetta, producer of One80. We thought we’d get started here today by clarifying what a revival actually is. We sat down with OneWay Minister at large, Stan Key, who recently served as the president of the Asbury Society in Fillmore, Kentucky.

The word itself, revival means to come to life again, to revive. It’s the gentle, sweet spirit that invites people and to come to know him. what the Holy Spirit normally does all the time, convict of sin, empower for service, encourage, gives insight that work,

Stan Key: when revival comes, when there’s an awakening, when the spirit comes, that is intensified and accelerated 

 There’s a a call to go. The true spirit of Christ is always recognized by agape love, self-giving love, and Jesus comes. And when he gives us his spirit, it turns us outward to others. Jonathan Edwards, in American history is one of the, Most famous influences in American history in the church in the 1740s before the, uh, revolution and is associated with the, um, first great awakening George Whitfield and Company.

Um, but he said about revival when people attacked the emotionalism that was going on in New England churches of the. But he said revival is the acceleration and intensification of the normal work of the Holy Spirit. Uh, something that claims to be revival that is just about me getting blessed. It, it, it’s not the real thing.

What happens in revival is that one divine moment where a person comes face to face, with the living reality of the Lord Jesus. And that changes lives. It changes churches, it changes campuses. It changes a nation.

Margaret Ereneta: We talked with Asbury students, Elise Terpstra, Anna Calloway, and Brooke O’Carroll, to get a firsthand account of what happened on Wednesday and how this all started.

So listen in. Here’s Elise.

Elise Terpstra: So a lot of people think that this did start Wednesday at chapel, but honestly it started way before then. Years and years and years of prayer for revival, and even Wednesday morning, a group of me and friends were at World Gospel Mission, , praying that morning. One of the things that we did pray for was revival and just leaving that place Wednesday morning, I just felt so much peace. 

The Lord was so good. Um, and then when I did get to chapel, the Lord was speaking there, um, about just the difference between, his love and selfish love and loving without hypocrisy. And, the Lord was really speaking to me there and working in my heart, and redefining, what his love actually is.

Yes. And then after the service, our chapel speaker went a couple minutes late, so like normal, they just offered, if you wanna stay in worship. Um, so the worship band has time to, you know, get through all their songs that they had planned. If you wanna stay in worship, you’re welcome to.

And still it was just like any other chapel, you know, nothing unusual. So I stayed and it was just really powerful. and just worshiping. And, uh, we kept worshiping for another like 30, 45 minutes and one of my friends came and prayed over me and, um, you know, I got up and, and I left and I was like, wow, God.

Like, you’re so good. That was so refreshing. and I can’t believe that that was all that I thought God had for me on Wednesday. You know, like I can’t believe that I almost didn’t come back . And so anyway, I went back to my dorm room, had lunch, was getting ready to, go about my day. And I get a text in a group, in a group text from one of my friends and it said, people are still worshiping, come feast on the goodness of the Lord.

And I saw that text and I was like, oh my goodness. It’s been like an hour and a half since chapel ended. You know, I was there 30, 45 minutes, but it’s still going. And I really, I stepped out of my room and I had a choice to make. I could go left and go about my day, or I could turn right and go back to Hughes, to chapel. 

Margaret Ereneta: Brooke chimes in.

Brooke O’Carroll: It was just a chapel service Yeah, we were working through, the book of Romans. It was, I believe it was Romans 12. It was talking about love and love in action. It was about like how we, how we love God. 

The speaker was talking about how it’s like impossible to fully love God and how we can just, we fall short, but we still need to try. And he also, he said this, this one comment, which was really interesting. He was like, let God’s love be like something you need to take care of, something you need to take action with; it’s about love and action. 

But it wasn’t even the chapel, that’s the amazing thing. It wasn’t like a special service, the special word. It was just God’s Spirit decided to do something incredible in this space. And the worship just kept going and going. 

Margaret Ereneta: Here’s Anna with her take on what happened.

Anna Calloway: Um, but for some reason this Wednesday was different.

I think the speaker, it, it dug into us deep and it made us really think about who we were as Christians and who we were as young adults living in a secular world and who we were as people who were trying to grow and who we were being in it. It pushed us to kind of be better and to to go deeper and to be intentional about who we were as Christ followers.

And I remember I have a class a US history class, right? Chapel. Um, and I remember as I walked out, I saw like there seemed to be like 15 or 20 students who had just stayed back and who were, they were praying and they just seemed so joyful and so, like they were truly sitting in the presence of God. Um, and I remember getting a text from my boyfriend who, um, has a class that was right below Hughes, and he was like, it sounds like they’re starting worship up again at like, oh 1130. I was like, huh. I get like, I’m outta class at 11:50, maybe I’ll go pop in and see what’s happening.

Um, and then just like that, like an explosion of text from my friend and from my volleyball coach came through and it was. “Guys get to Hughes right now, like we’re starting chapel up again. Like, leave your class. We’re wow. We’re, we’re just, we wanna worship.” And so after the 11, 11 o’clock classes, 

Everybody just poured in and it seemed like thousands, like, I mean, we only have a student body of like 1300, and it seemed that in a matter of five minutes, the whole student body was back in the chapel. 

Margaret Ereneta: Here’s Elise.

Elise Terpstra: And honestly, before I really even knew what I was doing, I was headed back to chapel and emailing, you know, the teacher like, Hey, I’m not gonna be there today. And it was just really amazing, like the Lord, he wanted me to be there and what he had for me, what he had to say to me. He was gonna make sure that I, that I heard, you know.

It was just really just a really, like, I remember I got back and got back to chapel. I was kind of hanging back, away from, a lot of the students that were worshiping. And one of my friends saw me and kind of waved me up, waved me forward. I was a little hesitant at first, just cuz you know, there weren’t many people there.

I didn’t really know what was going on, but I walked up and just started worshiping with her and other people and it was just such a, such a sacred, holy moment, you know, of just like everything else stopped, everything else stopped by plans out the window. Um, anything that I had to do, any responsibilities, and I was just in the presence of the Lord with those, you know, other few students. 

And, and then from there we just saw people coming back. Um, and we just saw more and more people trickling in. And it was so interesting because time just didn’t even feel real. Um, like we were, we would be there for, an hour, two hours and it’d feel like 10 minutes.

Margaret Ereneta: So the students are an extended praise and worship, but there’s a point when they realize this is a revival. Here’s what happens next.

Anna Calloway: Um, I would say that it would really, I think it really started to click with me that we were experiencing a once in a lifetime, something that we had been praying for, for 50 years when, like right around dinnertime, I’m like, it seems like in a matter of seconds, it had gone from lunch to six o’clock and it was about time, like everybody was.

Like it seems like everybody should be going to the calf and should be going to get dinner and then go about their evenings. And it just, nobody, nobody did. And I think that that really like, that kind of hit that like this, we weren’t gonna stop. This was gonna continue until the spirit ended it.

the invitation that Asbury had given us students to just stay and the opportunity they had given us to just exist and to not worry about going to classes and to not worry about being at sports practices or going to work or whatever. Like that invitation to just be in the presence of the Lord I think is what really we were like, we want everybody to experience this.

Margaret Ereneta: Here’s Elise.

Elise Terpstra: Um, I don’t think it really hit for a little bit, you know, likeI was more just in awe of the Lord and just worshiping, and I didn’t really think about it. Later that night, I don’t think, um, when the Lord just started to move in, like incredible, incredible ways.

So I think as I saw more people coming back, that was one sign. and then a second was that, time again, just did not feel real, you know, like you could spend hours and hours there and it’d feel like, like, you know, 10, 15 minutes. Um, and in my own life, last semester was just really hard for me.

Just had a lot of things that were really just holding me back, um, that I had to heal from. And, um, on Wednesday, Our speaker kept challenging us. Like if you have beef with someone, if you need to clear the air with someone, like you need to do it cuz this is a holy space. And like you, you can’t have this hanging over your head.

But in my mind I was like, you know what Lord? Like I’m, I was just thinking of this person and I knew that there was this like something there, but I was like, no, Lord. Like we’ve forgiven each other. Like we’ve moved past it. , but I just could not get him out of my head, you know? and it was like during worship, that he walked up to me and he apologized.

Wow. and I was just like so amazed and like overjoyed and I’d been telling. Um, my friends the night before, like I feel like there’s one person on my heart that isn’t healed yet. You know, I’ve journaled, I’ve prayed, I’ve talked to family, I’ve talked to friends, but there’s just one person on my heart that is not yet healed.

Um, and that was like when I started to realize like God is working in ways that aren’t normal, you know, they don’t fit the mold. I don’t know, like when I started to see God, like when I had a question and when I had a doubt God would answer it.

And not only would he like answer it, but he’d answer it like in abundance, you know? And bring even more healing than I thought, even more redemption than I thought, even more beauty than I like could have asked for. Yeah, and I think, and I think it was just really cool also to see the musicians, that they just kept singing and kept praising and kept playing for hours and hours and hours.

Um, and I was like, there’s no way that they would be able to sustain this if it was not for the power of the Holy Spirit. And another thing, oh, yeah. So, so every so often we have WHAM services, um, worship him at midnight. It’s like a worship service that we put on here at Asbury.

And, um, you know, those are amazing and the Lord is present there as well, but they normally only last a couple of hours. 

Margaret Ereneta: A couple of hours?? 

Elise Terpstra: And so when I saw, yes , when I saw. You know, spontaneously unplanned, worshiping the Lord for hours on end. Like even beyond that, um, that was when I knew, like, this is revival. And I started, like hearing other people saying like, this is revival.

Like revival is happening. And I’ve talked to a couple other friends about this too. For me, starting in high school was the first time that I had like a speaker chapel, um, speaker, pastor figure, like speak over my generation that there would be revival. and since that time in high school, I’d had, I think two or three other people like speak that over like my generation, well in like chapel or something. And it’s funny cuz I always thought that like the Lord would bring revival in my generation, I was like, he’s got to . but I always expected it to happen when I was like 30, 40, 60, you know, that maybe I would just see the tail end of it or, or just the beginning of it at the, end of my life.

But to be like, for it to be right here, right in front of my eyes. What, what an honor, what a gift. You know, it’s just really, really cool.

Margaret Ereneta: Here’s Brooke’s take.

Brooke O’Carroll: There was, it was completely spontaneous. The administration was completely like, what do we even do with this? Like, we were not expecting this yeah. It was just, it was just a miracle. I can’t even put into words. The students just stayed.

Margaret Ereneta: Anna adds that she’s watching the student body changing before her eyes; listen in.

Anna Calloway: Um, I would say at first that it was definitely joyful. Like we were just happy to be able to worship freely as a student body..

And as a community and as friends and as you know, people we love and care about. I just experienced friends who had never been in church it seemed, and who never were happy about going to chapel, like walk into that room and raise their hands up and be weeping tears of joy just because they’re free. 

I mean, like, it seemed like there were moments, especially later into the night that you visibly, saw the chains breaking off of like the people that you, you’ve been going to school with for a year or been going to school with for four years.  

And it was like faculty. And we had, our administration was there and you know, we had our student body there. And at some point throughout the night, the seminary students showed up and it was young, praying for old, old praying for young, just nurturing. And I mean, I think later as the night got on, God really started to peel away the layers that each one of us held ourselves together so tightly with, 

Margaret Ereneta: I am gonna pause here because Stan said something so profound about revival that Anna just explained in a great way. So I’m gonna have Stan share what he said about revival.

Stan Key: A man who wrote about revival named Norman Grub. He was a missionary in Africa 75 years ago maybe. He says, when revival comes, the roof comes off and the walls go down. 

And what he means is the roof comes off of our lives that suddenly we connect with God with the Holy One. Suddenly we’re aware of God in a way we’ve never been aware of him before. But Grub says very helpfully, but that’s not, that doesn’t limit the definition of revival, although a lot of people think, oh, it’s me and Jesus getting right. That’s just half the equation.

The other part of revival is the walls come down. Meaning I become transparent with my neighbor. I become vulnerable, I become real. Um, and this is what always happens in true revival. This is where repentance and confession happen and what’s happening at the microphone in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Margaret Ereneta: And back to Anna.

Anna Calloway: And I think that it was just, we were happy and we were calm and at peace for what seemed like the first time all semester.

I mean, that feeling of order to worship a God who we love and know that you’re not being judged for it, and you’re not gonna be looked at differently because of it; it’s so freeing. Like I remember I was standing next to one of my really, really good friends and at one point she turned to me, After we were singing a rest on us, and I mean, we’d probably sung a song probably 12 times in the six hours we’d been there.

But it was that time that it hit her and she just had tears like dropping down her face she was smiling and she seemed happy and you know, she was sitting in the presence of God. And you could see that. You could see that. You know, like they tell us this is what heaven looks like. And that was, that was what we were experiencing as students.

Wow. That’s amazing. 

Anna Calloway: Um, that first night we had about 15 who came to Christ, and that moment was beautiful.

You saw these kids walk into Hughes who were afraid of being there and they weren’t really sure what this was gonna be like, 

But you saw these kids walking to Hughes and just kind of standing in the front row and they would be quiet for a song, and then they would start swaying, and then we would kind of have a natural. And we would just kind of, we would be grouping together and praying, 

Anna Calloway: with people we were sitting with and just kind of process what God was doing during those songs or, and, you know, lay hands and pray.

 You know, just be, have open ears to what the spirit was telling us. And I think a lot of those in that moment of vulnerability that God was naturally bringing to all of our hearts and all of our minds that. These kids who maybe had never experienced the presence of Jesus before or had never been open to the idea were really like, wow, this is real. And I think that it was in that, you just sit down and your seat and Hughes and you’re like, I’m sitting in the presence of God and there’s nothing that can stop it.

Margaret Ereneta: And I think in that realness, that’s what led it. Elise continues about that first all-nighter. 

Elise Terpstra: And I ended up staying there for another. I think 15 hours that day.  I left at like 4:45 in the morning. and it was just, it was just truly amazing. And the Lord really sustained me and he had me there to hear what he wanted to say to me. that in itself was a miracle that that I was able to stay so long that, that he did, you know, sustain me through that. So yeah, that’s kind of, that’s kind of the, the start of it. 

Margaret Ereneta: Brooke talked about a really important part of revival, and that is prayer, and she goes into detail on it. It was really helpful.

Brooke O’Carroll: Prayer has been something, this whole thing for me has been a story of prayer because, Uh, for a while I had doubted the power of prayer just because I had a lot of unanswered prayers in my life and it just was hard for me to believe prayer had power when I hadn’t seen that tangibly in my own life.

But on, um, Thursday night, and that was the first day that I stayed, like the entire day and just kind of basked in God’s presence. My friend Sarah came up to me and she just asked out of the blue, can I pray for you? 

And I was kind of like reluctant, but I said yes. And as she prayed over me, she prayed words. I just don’t doubt anymore. You don’t need to doubt. You have a voice. You have, you have power within you, and you need to know that your, your prayers can change the room. Your prayers have power and these things just, I don’t know.

I felt like I felt something when she prayed those words, and that was just, it was a start of something. I think the main thing that I’ve seen tangibly is um, how God has worked at the altar. I never really understood the concept of like being able to go up to the altar and lay things down, but that’s what I’ve seen a lot here.

I’ve seen people just cry out to God at the altar. I’ve seen tears streaming down their faces as they just encounter God and, and like fully surrender. Surrender’s been a big word that we’ve talked about a lot here. We as students have surrendered our homework, our classes, and. Being able to lay down the things of this world and be in God’s presence is something you can see tangibly.

And when you do that, you’re inviting God in to fill you and you’re inviting God in to like transform you. And it’s just incredible. If you see people at the altar just laying, laying their, their fears, their worries. , everything just there for God. And you can see that transformation when they stand up and when they rise up and put their hands up after they’ve been on their knees crying out to God, they, they just rise up filled with him and it’s, it’s so beautiful.

I’ve just been filled with the Holy Spirit here, and it’s not even me anymore who’s like talking, who’s sharing these things? It’s just, I’m just become a vessel almost in a sense. And whatever the Lord puts on my heart to share, whatever the Lord when he tells me, go up and pray for this person at the altar and lay your hand on them and I will speak through you. I just, wow.

Margaret Ereneta: She continues talking about prayer, but now she’s talking about how the students are praying for other college students physically that are there and just in prayer, the ones that aren’t.

Brooke O’Carroll: I have to like, it’s not like I just have to be a servant and I have to be obedient to that call and, oh, it’s just been so amazing to pray over people and commission them actually how I begun, like. How I felt the need to like really pray over people at the altar is I was at the altar. , I think it was yesterday.

And I was just praying and this girl from Taylor actually laid her hand on me and she started praying over me at another college. She was here visiting? Yeah. She was a visitor. She was a visitor. She’s from Taylor. And she prayed over me and then she told me after she prayed over me, I was just so, so overjoyed and she said she was about to go back to Taylor and I actually got to put my hand on her and commission her to go back to Taylor.

It was really, really incredible cuz it was, it was like early and there. We’ve done a lot of formal com commissioning at night, and we’ll pray over them, lay our hands on them. But this girl was about to leave and it was just the middle of the day, and God put me there to be able to pray over her and commission her individually because if they weren’t gonna commission her formally and I, I just gotten the chance to, to pray over to her.

Margaret Ereneta: Elise talks about the new pulse on campus.

Elise Terpstra: So the first thing that comes to mind is radical humility. That was a theme, especially on Wednesday and Thursday of just being very humble, just admitting like, where we wronged others and where we wronged the Lord. and that really just opened. A space of praise that really made it, just a holy space, you know, where we were able to come before the Lord with clean hearts.

Um, and just the worship that was just pouring out of Hughes was unlike anything I’d seen before. Like I’d try and describe it to friends and family, and I just would not have any words. I would just like stop. I’d be like, And I, I, because cuz you can’t describe it, you know, like we were just like in the presence of the Lord and the veil between heaven and earth was just so thin.

I remember when I was a senior, junior, senior in high school visiting colleges, I came to Asbury and I literally stepped foot on campus outta my car, my first foot on campus. I was like, something about this place just feels right. Like something about this place feels like the Lord is is here and that he’s gonna move.

Just as I was in Hughes. It was like that feeling, but tenfold a hundred fold, you know? Um, and you can just really see the student body is just like lighter, you know? Like they, they are just less burdened and it was so interesting to see. 

Margaret Ereneta: As I was sitting in Hughes Chapel myself, I just recorded a little bit for you of what I was experiencing.

 Yeah. I’m at Asbury University. We’re in Hughes Chapel right now. The worship is continuing since wednesday Chapel last week The students are, Totally moved by the Spirit. They are repenting of sins. They are recommitting their lives to the Lord.

They are worshiping and praying, and they are committing for the first time. They’re commissioning students from other universities that are coming in here by the drove. They pray them off at their specific universities. They’re praying for them too, and having a ripple effect. It’s really awesome to be here. 

Margaret Ereneta: Our last question to each student was what now?

Elise Terpstra: It’s a really great thing and so beautiful to witness, but like, how do we take what the Lord has told us and bring it into our daily lives? and so I feel like now we’re, the student body is kind of living in that tension of. , how do we move forward with this? And like, how are we faithful to the Lord in this?

So immediately what comes to mind is, the Great Commission Matthew 28 19. therefore go and make disciples of all Nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the son of the Holy Spirit. And surely I will be with you even to the very, end of the end of the age. I know I and many other students have felt like the Lord has told us what he wanted us to hear, and now it’s our time to go.

So I think we really just need to lean into prayer, really lean into, um, what the Holy Spirit has said. it’s so great to be in Hughes and in the presence of the Holy Spirit and presence of the Lord.

Um, but he is not contained to Hughes. He’s not contained to those four walls. And so how can we. live outside of those four walls. How can we take what we’ve learned and what the lord’s spoken to us? How can we take that outside? and like one thing that one of my, leaders said was, um, we have to be really intentional about discipleship after this because if people believe, if people leave this experience believing, This is what everyday life as a Christian should look like.

We are so mistaken, . this is a beautiful gift from the Lord and he’s spoken and that is wonderful. But, but this is not daily life. You know, we were meant to live among those who do not know the Lord. We were meant to live among people who need to hear the good news, um, and meant to encourage them.

And so like, how can. Prepare ourselves, prepare our hearts for what is next. Um, how do we be faithful to the Lord in our daily lives and how do we, like, you know, go and tell people about, about what the Lord is doing. 

Anna Calloway: Um, so I think one of those things that, like this revival has really like changed in myself. Would it? , the intentionality of being in the presence, like I think so much, we get so busy in the world and just I’m, you know, taking classes and I’m coaching volleyball and I’m playing volleyball and I have friends and 

There’s so many things happening around us that I find myself getting caught up in the busyness; it really like became like, okay, what kind of person am I after experiencing that?

Where’s my focus in just the everyday? Is it on my 18 credits of schoolwork I have or is it my volleyball team? Or is it, you know, my friends? is it on showing the world who Jesus is. And I think that that really, it was encouraging to have that and it was, it also shined a light on who I think God is sculpting and making us to be as humans.

I think that was a miracle that God had been working through me for a while, just cuz I am so busy and I think that through just different things happening in my life, he, he was showing me how much I needed him in the mundane, in the busyness. So I think that like having the opportunity to just sit and be in the present.

12 uninterrupted hours, really like that. taught me and showed me like being intentional in being in the spirit was, and how vital it is to be the disciples that Jesus has called us to be. 

Brooke O’Carroll:  through prayer, I’ve been praying, I’ve lifted up, um, different campuses where my friends are, I’ve lifted up, um, different, like Purdue, two friends at Purdue in Toledo and Illinois State, and I’ve just lifted up those places in prayer and I barely prayer as power.

And even if. Physically go to different places. I can pray over them.

Before I kind of believed, I didn’t believe how big God was. I didn’t believe how powerful he was. I, I believed in God. I knew he was real, and I knew God had power, but I didn’t know that through God there is, there is so, so much power.

It’s not; it wasn’t like God, the God of the Bible is a different God than he is now. God still works in, he works miracles here. It may look different than it did back then, but he still works in same powerful ways. And I kind of thought that like, oh, the Holy Spirit was so powerful with the apostles, with, um, with early church leaders with.

And then God’s presence was so rich in like the Old Testament and the new testament with people, but here it just seemed like God was distant and God felt distant for a lot of my life in different situations and places. But God’s presence is real and it is. It just envelopes us here and. I’ve seen so much.

And now I just have such. A richer understanding of who God is and how powerful he is because he’s worked so powerfully in my life and he’s just filled me with himself and I’ve emptied myself.

It’s just been, it’s been incredible. It’s hard to know what now, but the one thing is that we can trust God. We, we can trust that when the time is right, he will show us what now. He will show us what to do next. He will, he will take our hand and guide us wherever we need to go. And right now, this is sharing this story.

Margaret Ereneta: As you’ve probably heard by now, there was also a revival at Asbury in 1970. Katie Key was there, so she shares a little about what that was like. She’s also going to send us off with a prayer for the students.

Katy Key: In 1970, I was a senior in high school and I was a part of the Asbury revival that went on in that year among university students and that spread to other places very much like this, this same. renewal or awakening that’s going on Now, some of the things that made a real impression on me was that I was mostly interested in boys and decent grades and having fun. 

But when I went to the room where the revival was going on. I didn’t care about anything but that everything else was unimportant and I was amazed at how Everything kind of fell into its place so that nothing else mattered.

But being there. And I had never had that feeling before So it was a new experience for me. I didn’t wanna leave and I didn’t leave. I had a very wise mother who, who let me stay out of school for at least a couple days so that I could fully enter into the experience that was going on.

It felt to me almost like magnetism Such a pull, such a draw to be there, to stay there, to pray, to sing, to worship him. I had never experienced anything like it. So I think that’s what’s happening again, and I thank him for that.  

Jesus. We do pray that you would protect this campus. We’re so grateful that they have opened their doors. and their hearts to you and let you come and make yourself known and do your work of convicting of sin and reconciling people and reconciling your yourself to them and them to others. And thank you for what you’re, the work that you’re doing that is, Nothing that man could do, and there’s been no man responsible.

And we, we believe that’s part of your plan, that you don’t wanna share your glory with any man. And this is your time to be glorified and fill the temple with your spirit. And you’re doing it. We’re thankful for. , the ones who have really found deliverance and freedom.

Forgiveness for sin, and freedom from the bondage of sin. And we thank you for what you’re doing.

Margaret Ereneta: Thanks for listening in. We can’t all go to Asbury, nor should we. I think we just need to do what the Spirit tells us to do, and maybe that’s telling people about Jesus. Maybe that’s sharing your story. Maybe you don’t know how. Go to our Share your Story button on our One80 website. You can share this podcast with your friends and you can just be led by the Spirit, like, uh, these students are, and, and you can be revived as well.