As a Christian, Jason’s passion is discipling men and teaching them how to be not only the leaders of their households but to become the HEROES of their families. Jason does this by teaching them how to DISCIPLE their families onto Jesus Christ as well as teaching them vital skills on how to protect and provide for their families. Jason does this online and on his 44-acre farm/discipling ground in northeast TN. Jason also has a powerful testimony from poverty and atheism to Navy SEAL, SWAT Cop, Bodyguard for Billionaires, CEO of an emergency preparedness firm, and Pastor of Christian Warrior Mission, a church, community, farm, and ministry discipling warriors for today’s battles. 

As the founder of Trident Shield, a security training and consulting firm in Johnson City, TN, he masterfully integrates Biblical principles with practical safety training. Specializing in active shooter and workplace violence prevention, as well as personal safety and preparedness, Jason’s approach is deeply rooted in real-world experience and guided by his faith.

His extensive background encompasses roles as a Navy SEAL/IDC, SWAT Officer, Executive Protection Specialist, and Corporate Security Expert, and Pastor. Jason’s expertise in crisis management is enriched by his spiritual leadership, offering a perspective that encompasses both physical readiness and spiritual insight. His methodology extends beyond conventional security tactics, focusing on fostering a spirit of vigilance and resilience that is deeply anchored in Biblical wisdom.

Dedicated to empowering a diverse audience, including churches, schools, homeschool co-ops, senior citizens, and individuals, Jason imparts crucial knowledge and tools for not only physical protection but also for nurturing spiritual and emotional fortitude. His passion is evident in his commitment to preparing individuals for the multifaceted challenges of today’s world, aligning physical safety strategies with a strong, Biblical Worldview.

In his training programs, Jason employs an innovative approach that blends scriptural understanding with practical safety skills. This unique synergy makes his sessions particularly resonant with Christian audiences, effectively bridging the gap between spiritual teachings and real-world applications. His use of emotional intelligence in training underscores his commitment to making challenging safety concepts accessible and relatable.

When Jason is not empowering lives, you can usually find him preaching at the church and ministry he founded on his 44-acre farm, along with his loving wife, Lauren, their three young children, and assorted animals, including dogs, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, chickens, and turkeys.



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