Jenni Ramsey loves fish. And she loves catching fish. Well, not literally, she loves being a “fisher of men” and has traveled to seventeen countries sharing the good news of Jesus. As a missions director, Jenni takes teams of “Gringos” from the United States to serve children living in orphanages in El Salvador. 

Jenni grew up in California, where she was always drawn to people of other cultures and languages.  After traveling on her first missions trip to Mexico during her freshman year of college, she knew she was called to missions.  She switched her major to Cultural Anthropology, where she enjoyed learning about diverse people throughout the world.  Since college, she has worked in churches and nonprofit organizations, mobilizing others to share the Gospel both with their neighbors, community members and internationally.  She also speaks at retreats, youth groups and women’s events, sharing her testimony and encouraging The Church with the undeniable hope found in Christ, the needs of the world and the call to serve. 

Her family moved to TX eight years ago, where she continues to lead teams from throughout the US to El Salvador.  She also serves in her church, leads a moms prayer group and oversees a community service organization for high school girls and their moms. 

Jenni is about to celebrate her 30th anniversary with her amazing husband Mike, who served in missions in over fifty countries before they met.  They have three children, ages 22, 20 and 12. Their youngest was adopted in S. Korea. 

After traveling to El Salvador in 2009 during her failed adoption process and falling in love with the orphan children, her ministry was birthed. After spending three years and $15K, Jenni and her husband experienced the heartbreak of a failed adoption.  The Lord eventually led them to adopt their daughter in South Korea, but El Salvador had nestled its way into Jenni’s heart. She met an incredible missionary on her third trip to El Salvador in 2010 and the rest is history. She saw how the Lord was using him and wanted to be a part of it.  Since that time she has led over forty teams of volunteers to serve alongside this life changing organization.  They’ve had the privilege of throwing parties, bringing gifts and spending time with thousands of kids in orphanages throughout El Salvador. They’ve also built many houses for low-income families and seen children return back to those homes.  They’ve ministered to people living on the streets, bringing food, clothing and blankets in desperate situations. And they’re preparing to throw their twelfth extravagant quinceanera celebration this summer for over one-hundred teen girls living in orphanages. 

A quinceanera is a 15th birthday celebration for a Latin American girl.  It is a rite of passage that represents the transition from childhood to womanhood. For the girls in the orphanages, a quinceanera is only something that they can dream of. Most of these girls have never even had a birthday party. Their teams bring dresses, jewelry, shoes, make up, hair products and provide full make overs for the girls. The gala is held in one of the nicest hotels in the country. It’s an unbelievable, Cinderella-like, fairy tale evening, where the girls are reminded of their value, beauty and worth by the God who knows their names and loves them with an everlasting love. 

So, in closing, do you actually like to eat fish?

Yes, Jenni actually enjoys eating fish.  The best fish I’ve ever had was in Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador, a breathtaking lake with beautiful turquoise water that can be found in a cratered volcano. 

Where to Find Her

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