RJ has a passion for sharing with others that God is STILL in the Miracle Business, delivering hope and support to the church behind bars.

RJ is the author of the awe-inspiring and
captivating book God Doesn’t Waste a Thing (written by pen name Luke Chance), which highlights the many miracles that he encountered while serving 7-years of a 20-year prison sentence.

In 2012, while being a high school teacher and coach, RJ made the choice to sexually assault one of his high school students over the course of a year. He went to prison as a selfish, entitled, scared young man, who had NO relationship with the Lord. He didn’t even know who God was.

But all that changed after a failed suicide attempt, a few attempted prison murders on his life and a books worth of other miracles. RJ now spends his time speaking about and sharing to encourage others that God is not going to waste even the worst of circumstances.

Having witnessed the transformative power of God in both his life and the lives of those around him, RJ has founded the exceptional Not My Will Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization.

RJ strives to accomplish two crucial goals while speaking and supporting the community both inand out of prison. First is to educate the community that God is still in the miracle business, while opening their eyes and hearts to the reality that there is a group of men in prison who need to know they are loved and not forgotten. RJ fearlessly challenges those in society to step out of their comfort zone, and into the Prison Ministry arena.

Secondly, RJ’s unwavering dedication lies in supporting and empowering the men behind the prison walls, to discover that their purpose, value, and identity is not defined by their circumstances, but rather through their relationship with Jesus Christ. In sharing the Gospel
and working with these men, he is able to help them discover the lies they are believing about themselves, and step into true freedom, the freedom that lies in the truth of what God says about who they are IN HIM!

RJ has made an intentional decision to live his life with transparency and vulnerability and is inviting you to join him in doing the same. RJ shares this is only possible through accepting Jesus into your heart and making Him your Lord and Savior.

RJ Johnson
God Doesn’t Waste a Thing – Author
Not My Will Ministries – President


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