Raised in Trinidad, Thaddeus Maharaj led a typical Christian life. As career pursuits brought him to Toronto, Thad found himself drawn to the world and away from his faith. He started pursuing apologetics as a way to disprove Christianity and find justification for his life choices. But instead, he discovered compelling arguments that prove Christianity to be truth and was drawn to a fresh faith in Jesus. He is now an apologist with Theotivity, a thoughtful place where theology and creativity come together. 

Helpful links:


Theotivity Podcast

Apologists that moved Thad:

CS Lewis Beauty Quote

John M. Frame

James R. White

John Piper

John MacArthur

Bible verses:

Romans 1

James 1:17

Proverbs 16:9

Books Thad recommends:

What’s Your Worldview? James N. Anderson

Can I really Trust the Bible? Barry Cooper

Thad’s book recommendations

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