“Are you serious, Lord; I get to do THAT?”

As producer of One80, Margaret says she has the coolest job she could’ve dreamed of, getting to chase amazing testimonies from all over the world to share.

Margaret’s best experience for the job? Being sidelined in 2019 with EDS and POTS.

When I couldn’t get off the couch, the Lord and I had a lot of time together. He gave me a new assignment to be part of this show. And how great to get to do this with OneWay. And after 20 years of being home with the kids, she finally got to put that Communications degree from Marquette University to good use. Maybe not that French degree; c’est dommage!

Margaret is the mom of five GenZ kids who keep her on her toes, and wife to even-keeled Fernando.

At 50, she considers this her halftime career. Halftime is a University for the second half of your life, https://halftimeinstitute.org/

She finds great joy being the One80 producer.

Not only does she get to hear your amazing testimonies, helping make them awesome, but also she gets to be involved in everything behind the scenes for the show. “I truly consider it a privilege to hear your story too, so don’t be shy!”

When she’s not begging her kids to play Mahjong, you can reach her here:margaret.ereneta@owm.org





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