Anthony Horton aka Blind Tony

Blind Tony glorifies God through poetry and music.

“If it was bad I had to do it
And it was only by God’s grace that I made it through it.”

Anthony graduated from Atlantic City High School, attended Bayview-Hunter’s Point College, Graduated RCA Business School, graduated Programming Systems Institute, worked on wall street 9 years and attended Merrill Lynch in-house business school for 6 years, specializing in: problem solving techniques, conducting a needs analysis, and DTC reconciliation.

Drug abuse led to homelessness, prison, and a lot of self-degradation. He lost his sight about 10 years ago in a violent racial assault and God used his blindness to help him see his true calling: Bringing the light of His love to the world through poetry and music.

“I see better now than I ever did when I had my eyes. Smile. God is good and He can turn a tragedy into a blessing.”

His poetry can be found on: Anthony Horton’s Poems Channel on Youtube.  CD’s of his poetry and music are also available.  My autobiography is also available in audiobook form: The Blind Tony Story. I can be reached at


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