It’s really good to “smalk” which is podcast speak for smiling while talking. You are sharing the most exciting thing about you and saying it with a smile brings joy the listener. They actually hear your smile! The video is being recorded, but podcasts are audio first and video second, so don’t worry about it. Talk like you normally do; use hand motions like you normally do. Don’t worry about speed or filler words either. Those fillers make you sound authentic and like yourself, which Gen Z appreciates more than uber polishing. We take out some and leave the rest. 

Your story

Remember your testimony is not your life story. It’s the important parts around your coming to faith in Jesus. You don’t need to connect the dots between every point for your testimony to be awesome! Remember, Jesus was 13 and then voila, He was 30! It’s okay to jump to the next important part of your life regarding your testimony. Don’t worry, we will help guide you through.

Your testimony is not a confessional. Don’t feel like you need to share all the yucky parts or you’re not being authentic. Just pray about which parts to share, and it may be different parts every time you share it; that’s okay!

If you are a nervous talker, you may have a tendency to overshare. Just bring up the parts that pertain to your testimony and maybe not every part! You might want to stick to one or two things that led to your rock bottom, instead of everything. Maybe you had an abortion, but if it’s not a necessary part of your testimony today with us, maybe it doesn’t need to be shared. Many of us have lots of “isms” that eventually lead us to the feet of Jesus, but it’s best on our shorter show to focus on one or two of them. 

And when we get to that Rock Bottom moment, many guests might want to jump right to their redemption with Jesus. This is awesome but we want to help the listener get there with you, so we can really celebrate with you and Jesus. So just make sure to help us establish your Before Christ, Rock Bottom and Turning Point before you share your awesome Coming to Jesus time. 

And that coming to Jesus moment, make sure you anchor your testimony on some Biblical truth. Maybe it was in the Turning Point that got you thinking about the Bible or Jesus; maybe it was something that totally jumped out at you about God or the Bible and brought you to Jesus in the Coming to Jesus part of your story. Maybe it was something after you accepted Christ and started pouring over the Bible that made things suddenly clearer about who God is, why Jesus came, etc. Wherever it is in your story, this Biblical truth is crucial, and helps the listener see it as more than an emotional encounter. 

Please avoid answering questions with a “yes, but now … “ This type of answer gets the order of your testimony off kilter. Get there slowly and stay in the part the host is taking you through. Our audience are Christians and they know that when you’re going through the unfavorable part of your story, there’s a really good ending and we’ll get there; we promise! 

False starts are fine, questions about the questions are fine. Stopping to pray is fine. We will edit all those parts out of the final product so no worries! The host may ask you a leading question and we would just remove the question, keeping your answer. 

God is an awesome author and you are His poem! You got this!


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