Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed on One80. We consider it a privilege to share your testimony. God wrote your story, so it’s already awesome! Here is a sampling of questions our host may ask you. 


Before Christ Questions: 

*What was your life like growing up? 

*Was there a faith component? 

*What was your view of God during this time? *Was there anything that made life difficult during this time? 

*You only need to reveal what you feel is necessary to your story. 


Rock Bottom Questions: 

*Was there a point when you hit an all-time low, or had a problem with sin? 

*It’s important for you to share here so that the listener can identify with what your struggles were, see you as authentic, and celebrate with you. You need not share every sin that happened at this time. Your testimony is not a confessional and you are still being authentic if you don’t cover everything. Pray about what to share. 

*Did you have a theology that was far from the truth found in the Bible? 

Turning Point Questions: 

*What were the events that led up to a decision to follow Christ? 

*Was there a person, event or circumstance that rattled your cage, and got your attention? *Were there inklings of hope in a person, event or circumstance at this time? Did you start reading the Bible? 

*What made you turn in the direction of Jesus? *Did you realize the extent of your sin and want to repent? 

*Were you convicted of God’s truth that you were missing? 

Coming to Jesus Questions: 

*It need not be a specific event, but can be a period of time. Just tell us what happened for you. *Did you learn a new spiritual truth at this time? *How did your coming to faith happen? 

After Deliverance Questions: 

*What happened after you accepted Christ? Was there immediate fruit? 

*Did you or others notice a change? Did you turn from sin? 

*Did your decision propel you into action for the cause of Christ? 

*Did you get resolution to any of your BC hangups? *How did your life take a One80? 


We realize many have an extra step between their Coming to Jesus and After Deliverance, even a downward turn after they accepted Christ before real change happened. We call this a reckoning. If it’s a little murky right here for you, just tell it how it happened. God is a great author! 

Grew up in the Church? 

You still have a story to tell!! We call this a “When Faith Gets Real” testimony. There is usually a point where a growing up in the church believer comes to terms with what they actually know as truth.



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