God wrote your story so it’s already awesome! Why not share it? Share your story with us to be considered as a guest on the show! And share it with others too!

God is probably doing many great things in your life, but here, we want to focus on the moment you made the decision to follow Him. So think about that time as you answer these prompting questions. Your story might not follow the pattern here; that is okay! This is meant as a springboard to get you thinking. 

Most people have testimonies that can fill an entire novel. The point here is to consolidate your story so you have it on the tip of your tongue. God calls us to be quick to give an answer for the hope that is in us, so that when anyone asks, we are ready. Think of this as your “elevator pitch” for Jesus!

Keep it to 1000 words or less. Send it to us to be considered on our show. But even better, have it so you can be ready to share with anyone who asks!Email to us at stories@one80podcast.com.

Your One80 – Testimony Questions

Questions are merely for writing prompts. Don’t feel the need to answer every one of them, but let them help you gather your thoughts. Make sure to paint a picture of your before Jesus life, not just your coming to Jesus story. This helps listeners connect with your story.

BC            Before Christ

What was your childhood like?
What was your life like when you didn’t walk with Jesus?
Did you have a faith background?
Misguided theology?

RB            Rock Bottom

Before your conversion, is there a time you can think of that you  were at your all-time low? 
Were you living with undealt sin that was keeping you from God?
Was there a time you realized you were particularly far from God?

TP             Turning Point

Can you think of the time when you had a turning point, where you started in the direction of Jesus? What got you there?
Did you suddenly become aware of sin?
Was a person helping you? 
Did you read something or get convicted in some way?
Did God speak to you in a personal way?

CJ             Coming to Jesus

Explain the moment when you actually made the decision to be a Christ follower. 
Did something you had heard before finally make sense? 
Did the Bible/person/God speak to you?
Walk us through what it felt like.

AD            After Deliverance

What happened after you made that decision? 
How is your life different now than the BC life?
Do you exhibit any fruits of the Spirit now you never thought possible?
Does your life have new meaning?
Has your life taken a One80?


Sometimes our salvation is a little messy. You might have a dip after the CJ and before the AD. We call this a reckoning. If your story includes a reckoning, God still wrote it and you still get to share it. 

Need help or a listening ear to practice with? Email us at stories@one80podcast.com.

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Jacki Chaidez

Jacki Chaidez

Jacki hails from Kansas City, MO. She made a decision to follow Jesus at a young age, but not much...